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Welcome to Life’s Perceptions specializing in Psychic Tarot Intuitive Readings. Tarot is an empowering and transformative tool that can provide you with options and solutions to life’s challenges. Whether you are at a crossroads in your life or feeling stuck or confused, Tarot is an effective tool to help you navigate through these challenging times.

Are you needing clarity around overcoming any blocks or challenges? Are you’re looking for direction about a relationship, your career, your finances, or Love? A Psychic Tarot Intuitive Reading with Grace or Michaela can help you uncover the clarity, direction you ,may need to have at this time. It can also help you to make the most of any opportunities coming your way.

We offer Tarot Readings,Tarot/Channeled Message Readings, as well as some specialty readings (Numerology, Lenormand, etc.). We invite to explore our website for more detailed information on the types of tarot readings available. Are you ready to get started? Let’s roll!



Grace and Michaela are accomplished Intuitive Counselors with a combined 27 years of experience in reading professionally. Our ability to channel and access Spirit Energy will provide you with strategies and tools to navigate your life for your Highest Good. We are able to assist you in gaining clarity and insight into your current situation and provide guidance for your life path moving forward.

Newsletter…Our monthly newsletter is meant to inform, inspire and entertain. The information will pertain to the energy for the month including a brief monthly psychic reading. (This is not an individual reading, it is a monthly reading with guidance for all). You will also find exclusive offers and events for our subscribers.

We look forward to working with you.

Many Blessings,

Grace and Michaela