Hello Everyone… Here’s your Psychic Tarot Forecast for February 2020. Enjoy!

Blessings: Knight of Wands

This month, you may be inspired to move forward in your pursuit of an idea/project that you have been thinking about. You may have decided that are ready to make a plan now that you have a clearer vision as to where you want to go. Your passion has placed you in a “just do it” mind-frame. You are being asked to proceed with deliberateness but not to rush in. Move forward with enthusiasm, passion and mindfulness.


Challenges: 3 of Cups

The cycles are shifting and you no longer feel the need to be defensive about what you desire. This is a time of celebration and gratitude for being willing to act on what you want for yourself. Be open to the new opportunities before you. You may be celebrating a new offer, promotion and/or opportunity to move your passion forward. This is a great month for creative pursuits. Allow yourself to express your JOY… honor it… don’t hide it. Celebrate where you want to go!


Action: Death (reversed)

You may have an opportunity to make a new start but first you must allow yourself to release what no longer serves you. This is a time to embrace the changes taking place in your life… this will help you to shift the energy so that you can recognize the new doors before you that are waiting to be opened. 



Putting it all together…

You are in the process of realizing that “You ARE enough.” Honor yourself for coming to this place in your life where you are ready to release the fear of ‘not being good enough!’ This month, celebrate who you are… Be in JOY! This is a time of embracing your life… and honoring the wisdom of your heart. Be in your truth!