Tarot and Channeled Message Reading: April 20, 2020

by | Apr 20, 2020 | Blog, Tarot & Channeled Messages

Psychic Tarot Reading

There is much that you may have been weighing lately. You may have found yourself evaluating, rethinking all that you know…weighing your priorities and as a result, feeling in a dark place and a bit left out in cold. Take heart, you are now entering a time of illumination. There is a shift occurring…a Joyful creating of a new day…bringing Joy and fulfillment to your life. Together, we will rebuild a better world…in a better way. A world with balance and healing. 

For so long, our world, our institutions have left us feeling trapped…but this has now been exposed so that it may be healed. A new strength is emerging in each of us. We will survive and thrive as a result. We will go forth using our strength to uplift and raise up our lives and the lives of others, particularly those in need of protection. This is a time of being in our Truth.

Channeled Message

Dear Ones, this journey that you find yourself on is a miracle in the making. For you are called into this time of respite when you, like so many around you, may clearly hear the Wisdom of your Soul. Together you will begin to create the space in which you will reside. Be kind and be patient with yourself during this process. Be patient and kind with those who chose differently… who take a different path from the one that you’ve chosen. 

During this time, you will find a shifting of your priorities. You are asked to honor these changes, these inspirations that come to you from your soul. Honor those thoughts, beliefs, etc. that you may feel inspired to release… those things that no longer serve you in the journey ahead…honor this! 

You are entering a time of Rebirth… of Resurrection… of Renewal. Honor this time by reflecting on the life and the world that you will be creating for yourself and for the collective. You have chosen to be here at this time… to witness and to assist in holding the space. What a JOY it is to be You!  Behold, let the creating begin!