I am an Intuitive Counselor who works with tarot cards and a number of other tools to help bring clarity/guidance to your life. I have read for clients for more than 15 years. During a reading I am able to access energy to receive messages from Spirit, the Angelic Realm and ancestral guides.  I connect using my gifts from the highest and most loving vibration. My psychic abilities are keen and timeframes are quite accurate.

I have been able to see and hear spirits and messages since I was five years old. I am able to utilize these gifts to do what I love to do…Help and EMPOWER individuals to be the best they can be for their HIGHEST GOOD!

What to expect during a Psychic Reading:
  • I will read the energy of the information provided to me through the tools a and Spirit
  • You may ask any questions you wish to ask within the reading timeframe
  • I will relay to you any information that I receive from Spirit and your guides to assist you in moving forward
  • 15 Minute Psychic Phone Reading (15 minutes @ $45)
  • 30 Minute Psychic Phone Reading (30 minutes @ $75)
  • 60 Minute Psychic Phone Reading (60 minutes @ $100)
  • 75 Minute Psychic and Channeled Message Reading (75 Minutes@ $140)…Prior to your appointment, in prayer and meditation, I open myself up to Great Spirit, your guides and angels to receive any information that is important for you to receive at this time. The channeled information that I am given is then shared with you during your appointment. This is in addition to the information that comes up during your phone consultation.
  • NEW: Email Tarot Reading with Michaela @ $50… You will receive an email reading along with an image of the cards drawn. You may ask for a general tarot reading or one question. Upon purchasing an email reading you will receive an email from me asking you to submit your reading request. My expected delivery time is 5-7 days. Once I receive your request, I will confirm the expected delivery date for your Tarot reading.

If you have a question about scheduling or would like additional information about my work please feel free to contact me directly. Always happy to hear from you!

To schedule a reading appointment, please contact me with your request for the specific reading you are interested in. Upon receiving your request, I will send you an information sheet for you to complete so that we can schedule your appointment. Payment for your reading can be made via Paypal or credit card.