Tarot and Channeled Message Reading: May 7, 2020

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Psychic Tarot Reading


This is a time of global and individual healing. It’s a time for self-care… for catching your breath/balance. There is a great deal of Divine Guidance and Love around you. There are many energetic changes taking place right now…very quickly… which may feel stressful at this time.

During this time of sheltering-in-place you are asked to be in your truth. This is a time of reflection. You may discover that your priorities and goals may be shifting. You may be re-examining how you feel about your job/career….and you may uncover inner conflicts as well as conflicts in your environment… It is important to stay in your truth.

You may find yourself reviewing what has past and may see that all was not as secure as you thought it was. The time has come to weigh the options. You are asked to allow yourself time to rest, reflect and let go of what no longer serves you. Allow yourself to be inspired. Listen to your heart and Inner Wisdom.

Channeled Message

Dear Ones: In gratitude there is a Soulful recognition that binds you to one another.  It is a reflection of the Divine Love energy to which you are all connected. You are asked to be in right relationship with yourself. To care for…to love…to nurture… to honor yourself as you are loved by and in Spirit. To be in receipt of the Grace of Gratitude is to see and be in the presence of Divine Joy…that Presence from which your soul is descended from… JOY.